Hello all,

My journey approaching, I begin to think about details.

I intend to go on two pub walks which will leave me alone somewhere "in town" at 10 or 11 pm.

At home, I always take a cab in a situation like this and I'd really prefer a cab to underground.

A couple of questions:

is there any place online where I can find out about (approximate) fares? As yet, I have only come across sites that let you BOOK a cab, but I certainly do not want to do this!

in Poland, it is actually cheaper to phone for a cab (10% discount compared with when you hail a taxi in the street). But on one of the sites, they say they charge 2GBP for this AND the taxometer starts to tick immediately after you call, so that when the cab arrives, it has a couple of pounds already on the meter. Should I accept this or is it a rip-off?

can anyone advise me on which compant to choose? Is LadyCabs really safe? Are they more expensive than other companies?

In the suburbs, how do I find out which minicab company is safe and reliable? (Probably should call my hotel for that... but I'd be grateful for avice anyway)

Thank you

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